Suze and baby Maggie

“Jennifer was my saviour when I contacted her when my daughter Maggie was 4 ½ months old. Maggie is my second child. I thought my second child would be a breeze and that I would know what to do this time around and have her in a good routine, sleeping well etc. But I had made the mistake of rocking Maggie to sleep which resulted in her waking up after very short periods day and night.. I was totally exhausted as I had a toddler to look after as well. I contacted Jennifer (feeling a little silly as I should know what to do after already having a baby… shouldn’t I!!). Jennifer came to my house and made changes to Maggie’s sleeping environment, encouraged me, and started the process of helping Maggie into a suitable routine for her age. After a couple of hours Maggie was showing signs of being able to put herself back to sleep. It was a miracle!! From that day Maggie has been sleeping so well and our days have become so much more enjoyable as we have been getting SLEEP!! Maggie is now 13 months old and she is a fantastic sleeper and eater. I am so grateful to Jennifer for making something that seemed so tiring and frustrating into something positive and easier just by following a few simple rules. Amazing!  Thank you so much.