Sarah and baby Cameron

“I approached Jen when I was at my wits end. Cameron (Cam) had been very unsettled since his birth. All of my experienced friends had told me that this is how newborns were and that things would start to settle down once he reached 3 months. I clung to this and when the 3 month milestone came and went and Cam was still very unsettled, I was disheartened, exhausted, frustrated, and at a loss. At 3.5 months, I was still feeding Cam every two or so hours. He would barely sleep during the day, with one feed – play – sleep cycle merging into the next , with much hysterical crying. Whilst the days were bad, the nights were even worse – I dreaded them. The settling process was always lengthy, difficult and anxiety ridden. It took hours and hours to rock Cam to sleep. If I did manage to get him down to sleep, I would then be up every 2-3 hours feeding. I felt Cam wasn’t the happy and contented baby that he should have been.

Jen arrived on my doorstep when Cam was 3.5 months old. Her first observation, even before she walked through the door, was that Cam was completely “overstimulated and overtired”. Jen stayed and observed a complete sleep – play – feed cycle. She taught us what was “normal” behaviour for a baby of his age and what we should (and could) expect with her techniques. She changed his sleeping environment and routine, introduced us to the “windows of time” concept and we focused on the settling and resettling techniques. She highlighted the importance of sleep, routines and consistency.

From day one Cam has been a different baby. From that very afternoon, Cam consistently has three really good (1.5-2.5 hour) sleeps during the day, every day. With the nights, it took us about a week of persistence with Jen’s techniques to get Cam to sleep through (I strongly suspect that it took us this long, rather than immediately, because we weren’t as consistent as we should have been). However, now he is put to bed by 7pm and after a 10pm dream feed, sleeps until about 6.30am. Cam is also playing and feeding much better. In every way, he is so much happier. No longer do I have to rock him to sleep. As soon as I start the wrapping process, he gives me a big smile. I give him a kiss and place him in his cot, fully awake. Cam then settles himself and takes himself off to sleep (either immediately, or after a couple minutes of talking to himself). He now, always wakes up happy!

Jen is approachable, friendly and caring. Her techniques are sensible, realistic and no-nonsense (and they work!). Her support, guidance and reassurance during the face-to-face consultation and follow up emails and telephone calls was fantastic.

I cannot thank Jen enough for her assistance and would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who has an unsettled baby”.