Sally and baby Eva


I contacted Jen because my 6 month old had no routine and as a result was overtired and hyperactive all day every day. She couldn’t self settle, was not feeding properly and was waking often overnight.  I felt completely out of my depth and became obsessed and anxious thinking I was doing something wrong.

Jen basically wiped the slate clean and started again with a routine that changed Eva into a new baby!

I found it amazing because she didn’t Just give me a schedule to follow, but she provided me with the reasons behind the routine so it made sense to me.  It’s  boosted my confidence and I finally feel like I am in control, and because I’m in control, my baby is way less fussy and she isn’t  confused as to what’s coming next!

I like to be out and about so the routine also allows for flexibility so you’re not confined to home.

I downloaded Jen’s new app WOTBaby which I use as a go-to if I am curious about something in relation to her feeding or sleeping.

I would absolutely recommend Jen’s app and knowledge to any mums out there. I now  have a baby that feeds without a fuss, loves her solids, sleeps 3 or so hours a day, sleeps through the night and is super happy.

And that was all within the first couple of days!