Netta and baby Zac

“After 10 months of not sleeping at night, feeding 3-4 times a night and hearing    Zac scream each time he went  to bed for at least 2 hours, I decided to call for help. At first I was a bit hesitant as I was certain no one could help Zac sleep. A friend recommended I call Jennifer and I decided to make that call. Well, that call saved me. I was at breaking point, totally sleep deprived and also started to develop some form of depression.

I begged Jennifer to stay the night when I called her to book her in. She told me she would not need to if I followed her routine and guidance, which she would provide at the 3-hour home visit. I must admit I did not think I would get any results in 3 hours.

Jennifer arrived at my home, met Zac and instantly I knew I made the right choice to call her.

I spent 3 hours of very inspiring, comforting and valuable time with Jennifer and by that night, Zac was already sleeping through. I totally had a new child. Two months on and Zac is sleeping through the night,having good day sleeps, and has really grown and developed (it is amazing how much lack of sleep can impact the growth and development of our children).

I want to thank Jennifer with all of my heart for the help she gave me and I have to say, this was the best money I have ever spent!”