Kim and baby Ava

“In our sleep haze we muddled through the first few weeks although as the weeks progressed Ava’s day time sleeping was getting less and less and we were finding it harder to settle her with all of us becoming more upset and frustrated as each day went by.From our very first conversation, I found Jennifer to be very calming, supportive, encouraging and down to earth.  On meeting Ava, Jennifer assessed our situation and understood exactly where we were at.  She explained how, with a few days of work, we could help Ava self settle and actually enjoy sleeping both day and night.  She was right!  Not only did Jennifer help us have a much happier, relaxed, contented baby who loves her cot but we have also become blissfully happy parents who feel they have the confidence and skills to relax, take one day at a time and enjoy our little girl.Jennifer is an absolute star and we would recommend her to anyone.  The level of support she has provided us, both following our initial meeting and in the months that have followed, has been fantastic and realistic.  We are excited to be part of the Jennifer’s classes as we continue our journey with Ava.”