Holly and baby Sienna

Sienna - jennfier hamilton
“A friend of mine recommended Jennifer to me after trying to  settle my beautiful baby girl in her day sleeps. Sienna was an erratic day sleeper with typical catnapping traits and by the end of the day she was so exhausted, resulting in hours of heart wrenching screaming. Jennifer visited Sienna and I at home to observe a complete feed-sleep cycle and ever since then Sienna and I have never looked back!  Jennifer showed me how to wrap Sienna and place her in her cot before she was asleep to allow Sienna to self settle. I couldn’t believe something would work so quickly as so many other techniques I tried had failed. She is now able to settle much quicker and with less tears. Sienna also now sleeps through to 6-7 am. I can’t thank Jennifer enough  for their effective and common sense techniques which I can now utilise with ease. Jennifer has given me the confidence I need to care for my baby by providing a day and night routine that is realistic and achievable. Jennifer has really has changed my life with baby Sienna!”