Fleur and baby Fraser

“I wanted to write to you about your wonderful book.

Our little man Fraser is now three months old. Your book has provided an invaluable and practical foundation for the first three months and  will continue to do so.

Fraser sleeps really well, feeds really well and is very comfortable settling in his own bed. I always wanted to make sure I taught him how to sleep from the start. By using your guide, both my husband and I were not only on the same page but we really got to know Frasers needs easily.

I can only imagine how easy it would be to feed babies at every cry if you didn’t use the windows of time concept.

There was plenty of opportunity for me to apply your concepts while using my own instincts and understanding of Fraser. I knew if he was having an unsettled day because I was aware of his normal behavior.  This allowed me to give him some extra snuggles on those days.

I have recommended it to lots of my friends who are having babies so hopefully they get a copy as well.”