Christine and baby Joshua

“The parenting book market has so many baby books out there. But what I find good and what sets your ideas apart from the others is that your manual has concrete ideas, but flexible at the same time. My experience is that most books are at opposing ends of a continuum – either too vague or they tell you that you have to do something at a specific time and no wavering from those times which is stressful!

I also love how your manual isn’t a big bible – When I have a moment of doubt/ uncertainty, I know exactly what section I need to go to, and after a few minutes of perusal I’m back on track with confidence. Having a baby has left me time poor, so having something concise is SUPER helpful!  If babies were born with user manuals, yours would be close to it!  I also found the manual worked well in conjunction with the hands-on help/input I rec’d from a sleep and settle cottage in Hornsby – the message re: settling/resettling was pretty much consistent. I’ve been lucky with the information I’ve had access to! I’m glad I came across your ideas through the Huggies website!

Thanks again, and I hope one day you’re successful in getting your ideas published so that it’s readily available for other mum’s out there.”