Caroline and baby Teddy

Sleep_Support_SydneyTeddy was 9 weeks old when I met Jen at The Pharmacy.

Teddy wasnt sleeping well and we were exhausted. Jen pointed out to me – despite my protestations that he hated being wrapped – that the issue was that we werent wrapping him and thus he wasnt having quality sleeps.  In about 5 seconds she had whipped him out of the pram, wrapped him like a sausage and he then proceeded to have the longest sleep he had ever had!

Jen then came for a home visit and gave us a lot more invaluable insights. What we loved was her belief in her techniques and the confidence she exuded. It was infectious and from the moment she left things got better and better.

At 12 weeks Teddy started sleeping from 10pm to 6am most nights and we have regained confidence as parents.  I have spoken highly of Jen to all my mothers group and friends and would recommend her to anyone who wanted some no nonsense advice.