“I wanted to write to you about your wonderful book.

Our little man Fraser is now three months old. Your book has provided an invaluable and practical foundation for the first three months and  will continue to do so.

Fraser sleeps really well, feeds really well and is very comfortable settling in his own bed. I always wanted to make sure I taught him how to sleep from the start. By using your guide, both my husband and I were not only on the same page but we really got to know Frasers needs easily.

I can only imagine how easy it would be to feed babies at every cry if you didn’t use the windows of time concept.

There was plenty of opportunity for me to apply your concepts while using my own instincts and understanding of Fraser. I knew if he was having an unsettled day because I was aware of his normal behavior.  This allowed me to give him some extra snuggles on those days.

I have recommended it to lots of my friends who are having babies so hopefully they get a copy as well.”

Fleur and baby Fraser

“Jennifer was my saviour when I contacted her when my daughter Maggie was 4 ½ months old. Maggie is my second child. I thought my second child would be a breeze and that I would know what to do this time around and have her in a good routine, sleeping well etc. But I had made the mistake of rocking Maggie to sleep which resulted in her waking up after very short periods day and night.. I was totally exhausted as I had a toddler to look after as well. I contacted Jennifer (feeling a little silly as I should know what to do after already having a baby… shouldn’t I!!). Jennifer came to my house and made changes to Maggie’s sleeping environment, encouraged me, and started the process of helping Maggie into a suitable routine for her age. After a couple of hours Maggie was showing signs of being able to put herself back to sleep. It was a miracle!! From that day Maggie has been sleeping so well and our days have become so much more enjoyable as we have been getting SLEEP!! Maggie is now 13 months old and she is a fantastic sleeper and eater. I am so grateful to Jennifer for making something that seemed so tiring and frustrating into something positive and easier just by following a few simple rules. Amazing!  Thank you so much.

Suze and baby Maggie

“At eight months of age my son’s sleep patterns were similar to a newborn’s, and I was struggling through a fog of sleep deprivation.  Jennifer’s settling methods have been an absolute godsend.  During her visit to us she gently showed me exactly what I needed to do to help my son learn to go to sleep by himself.  Her technique worked, and most importantly, was clear and easy to follow.  The support and reassurance Jennifer provided through follow up phone calls was also invaluable.  Jennifer kept me focused and taught me to trust my instincts and helped me regain my confidence.  My son is much happier and at ease, is sleeping through the night and is now able to resettle himself with little fuss. I feel as if I have gained not just my confidence back but an understanding of babies and their nature through the process.  I can’t thank Jennifer enough.”

Anna and baby Charlie

“I moved to Tokyo when my first born Havana was 9 months old. I had real problems getting her to take a bottle and after weeks and weeks of failed attempts I was given Jennifer’s contact details by a fellow Aussie in Tokyo. I again contacted Jennifer when my son Monty was 8 weeks old to help me get him onto some kind of routine. Her advice was always spot on and it works every time and fast. More importantly; Jennifer does something more special than give advice. She gives you the confidence to make the necessary changes. Mostly when mothers seek help it’s when they are at their wits end and very sleep deprived. Jennifer’s expertise and confidence building approach is one in a million.”

Morwenna and baby Monty

Jen Hamilton - Ruby
“Ruby is our first beloved baby and not having had much experience with babies before, the experience was somewhat overwhelming. It was exacerbated by our immense lack of sleep.  After four months of sleepless days and nights, exhaustion set in, until Jennifer came to our rescue. Jennifer’s understanding and non-judgmental approach set into motion a new routine that has helped us produce a gorgeous, happy and content baby…that sleeps!

My husband and I feel like the people we were pre-Ruby.  I’ve got so much more energy and have a little spark back in my personality.  Our time spent together as a family is now more quality as we all have so much more to offer each other.”

Janine and baby Ruby

Jen Hamilton - Estella
“I realised when Estella was 2 months old that constant demand feeding with very little sleep during the day was making her a very unhappy baby.  My confidence definitely wavered as a new mum trying conflicting advice that wasn’t working.  Jennifer was able to show myself and my husband a new set of tools to enable us to work together to have a beautiful content baby who is often commented on for being so placid in nature. We’ve moved from a baby that would sleep infrequently during the day and was dummy dependent, to one who independently falls asleep (usually chatting to herself) and constantly smiling.”

Emma and baby Estella

Jennifer Hamilton
“I have used Jennifer’s settling techniques & routine guidelines for all of my 3 children and it has been an absolute godsend. I first used Jennifer’s support and guidance with William (now 4 ½ years), and it gave me the confidence to trust what I was doing. I used it again with Olivia (2 years) and she was a completely different baby who tested me on everything and was a lot more demanding. But with persistence and consistency as suggested by Jennifer, she settled beautifully. Joshua, my third gorgeous baby is now 12 weeks old and I’ve gone back to using Jennifer’s advice and he, like my other two did, can self-settle and has slept through from 10pm to 6am since he was approximately 8 weeks old. So I cannot recommend Jennifer’s guidance and support enough”.

Jay and babies William, Olivia and Joshua

Jennifer Hamilton Mila
“I suffered like a martyr for five months, thinking that it was completely acceptable and normal for my baby to be waking three or four times through the night and not be settling well throughout the day. I reached out to a friend and she referred me to Jennifer. It’s fair to say my life as a new and exhausted mother completely changed from that moment!! Jennifer advised a different routine and some techniques to try with our little girl. The very next night she slept straight through and it’s been that way ever since. Bliss! Jennifer should be an essential resource in any new parent’s toolkit of survival. She is calm, patient, generous and above all, very well informed and her stuff works (I know this because we tried other books/programs to no avail). I recommend her without hesitation to everyone who’ll listen!”

Emma and baby Milla

Grace - Jennifer Hamilton
“After 7 months of my second daughter waking 2-3 times a night for a feed AND napping during the day (not sleeping), I was at my wits end. It didn’t help that I was due to go back to work in 2 months time either. Jennifer came one morning and helped me settle Grace for her morning nap then discussed how to manage the nighttime. We all knew it would not be easy but we had to do it for everyone’s sake. The first three nights were really hard however by the fourth night Grace started sleeping 6.30pm-6.30am.  This is still happening 99% of the time and we are all functioning like a normal, well rested family.  She also has two good daytime sleeps as well.  Jennifer was available night and day via phone or email to support us during the hard times and encourage us as well. I would thoroughly recommend Jennifer to anyone. Thanks Jennifer, you are my saviour!!!”

Karen and baby Grace

hichem and Orion
“Jennifer is a true baby guru. We were feeling overwhelmed with conflicting advice and needed some one to just give us some clear direction. We contacted Jen wanting advice on settling, breast feeding and weaning. She was a fountain of knowledge and delivered all the information in no-nonsense, gentle way, without being bossy or patronising.

Our son now regularly sleeps from 7pm to 6.30am without waking, he’s happier, eats well and is generally much easier to enjoy. She also stopped me and my wife squabbling over the ‘right thing to do’. She has been a source of inspiration, encouragement and support for our family over the last 8 months and I can’t thank her enough.”

Hichem and baby Orion