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My specialised one-on-one home visiting service is designed to assist you with any challenges or concerns you have with your baby. This package includes, a home visit, a copy of my handbook, follow-up phone consultation, and one week of email support.


My specialised one-on-one home visit package is designed to assist you with any challenges or concerns you have with your baby. Perhaps you just want to boost your confidence with helpful information guaranteed to prevent challenging situations later on. Topics I can help with include:

  • Feeding (both breast and bottle).
  • Sleeping and settling.
  • Night waking.
  • Routine establishment
  • Introduction of solids and feeding plans.
  • Play.
  • Infant massage

This service includes:

Home visit

I can visit you and your baby at home. During an initial consultation we can discuss all relevant information since birth as well as any current issues you are facing. We can design a plan of management suitable for you and your family. This will provide you with successful outcomes regarding the challenges you are having. During this visit I can:

  • Educate you in your baby’s developmental stages.
  • Explain the reasons why things are happening and why you are faced with these issues.
  • Advise you, in detail, how to make appropriate changes and encourage your baby into a workable routine.
  • Demonstrate all settling, resettling and feeding techniques.
  • Answer ALL of your questions.

This will take approx 3 – 4 hours.

The ‘Maternal Matters’ handbook

This is a great reference for you to follow when you are implementing new feeding and settling techniques. It will keep you confident and consistent following my home visit.

Follow up phone consultations:

I will phone you over the few days following your home visit.
These calls will keep you feeling confident. You can ask lingering questions as well as discuss any concerns you have.
Each call will be approximately 15 minutes in length.

One week of email support

In addition to the follow up phone support you can access an additional week of email support.
You can email me once a day for one week with all your questions and I’ll try to respond within 24hrs.


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