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My parenting advice works on three core principles:

1. Education

I can help you to better understand your baby’s behaviour and communication level by creating age appropriate routines that work for your family.

As your baby grows through the various developmental stages of the first twelve months I can help you get to grips with issues such as:

  • Why your baby behaves in a certain way.
  • What to expect at your baby’s current stage of development.
  • How to prepare for the next stage of development and the changes it will bring.
  • How to avoid sleep problems.
  • How to avoid the ‘controlled crying’ technique.
  • How to avoid feeding problems
  • How to communicate effectively with your baby.
  • How to make parenting decisions, confidently.
  • How to create a routine that works best for your baby.

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2. Confidence

I can give you the confidence to deal with all the parenting challenges of the first twelve months. You can remove the guesswork by understanding:

  • When your baby is hungry or tired.
  • How to settle your baby and teach him/her to sleep through the night
  • How many feeds to give your baby.
  • When and how to start solids.
  • Which routines are appropriate for your baby.

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3. Support

Reliable support is extremely important to a happy parent child relationship.

Consistency is key when encouraging your baby into a new routine or teaching him/her new skills. Support helps reduce the stress felt by all new parents, creating a far more pleasant parenting experience. That’s why I include ongoing support as part of my unique home visiting and phone consultation services. Let the ‘Maternal Matters’ handbook and ongoing support from me, empower you to deal with the challenge of raising your baby.

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